With more and more cities creating their own pop culture and comic cons attending neighborhood events and festivals have some distinct benefits.  Here are some reasons to support your local, smaller cons:

1.It’s Local. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE San Diego! It’s a beautiful city. If I had a reason to live there more than 5 days out of the year, I would. But during those 5 days, livin’ ain’t easy. Between hotel prices and parking issues and the seemingly endless swath of people moving everywhere in every direction, it can be a little overwhelming.  Odds are that if you’ve gone to a smaller con in a town near you, getting around isn’t so bad. Whether it’s held in a convention center or a hotel conference room or the local Moose Lodge, the issue of getting to the show and back is half the battle when it comes to enjoying yourself at the show. Aside from costing far less in travel expenses, when you support your local events, it means more events will come to you.  Basic field of dreams principle here – if you build it, they will come.