Better access to creators

One of the most unique aspects of a comic convention, regardless of its size, is the fact that it’s not just about buying stuff. The really good shows attract creators big and small, famous and independent, and give them the opportunity to interact with people who love (or have yet to discover) their work. These kinds of interactions give fans and creators an amazing opportunity to meet face-to-face to talk about comics, about art, about whatever geeky thing they want. And while bigger shows like SDCC may have a wider array of creators, it becomes almost impossible to spend any time with them.At smaller shows, there’s  an opportunity to get something of a real connection made with an artist. And smaller shows can be a great place for discovering some amazing new talent. Newer, mostly unknown creators don’t have the money to grab an artist alley table at the big shows as demand is high and prices are often higher. At smaller shows, they don’t have as much overhead, which means they have a better chance at reserving a table, selling their wares, and showing off their talent. It’s these opportunities that hardcore comic fans should be taking advantage of. Seek out the creators who look like they could use some love.ake some time to ask them about their work. No, you don’t have to buy something from everyone, especially if you’re as broke as they are, but a little bit of conversation goes a long way

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