It’s More Family Friendly

I’m not saying that San Diego Comic-Con isn’t family friendly. It’s a wonderful thing to see a family of 4 dressed up as the X-Men, standing in the massive Marvel booth at the Big Show.  But after you’ve run over your 15th person with your stroller crammed full of screaming toddlers on your way to pick up some Dexter swag at the Showtime booth, you have to know this isn’t the best possible option for a family outing. Sure, plenty of families have it worked out. They know where to take the kids and when to take them. They’ve figured out that strollers should never ever try to go through the center of the big media area of the San Diego Convention Center. Thankfully, smaller shows don’t necessarily have that problem. Sure, they might have smaller aisles, but when you run into a traffic jam, you can easily back out of it. In San Diego, if you stand still too long, the crowd closes in behind you and overtakes you before you can do a thing about it. Smaller shows are also less stressful and lower key. There’s no need to rush through the room to make sure you see everything before you leave. Odds are that, even with kids in tow, you will still be able to see everything without too much hassle. And stepping out of the crowd and taking a break doesn’t mean retreating to a safe distance of 8 city blocks. Smaller shows in the right locales often have more space to let you kick back with a juice box or even a quick nap (for you or the kids) before checking out more cool stuff or snapping pics with those cute cosplayers.

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