Puppy Power: Overwatch brings us The Puppy Rumble

On Monday, February 19th, in celebration of The Year of The Dog, Overwatch gave us one of the greatest events in esports: The Puppy Rumble. This event brought out two teams of puppies from Wags & Walks, a non profit dog rescue in Los Angeles, California. The two teams went head to head in an action packed game of capture the flag that was expertly casted by Monte and Doa, two of Overwatch League’s top casters. The amount of serious hosting and casting that went into The Puppy Rumble made it such an enjoyable event to watch. The hosts, Mitch “Uber” Leslie and Rachel Quirico did such a great job providing the viewers with information on each of the dogs and where to adopt them, as well as very detailed information on Austin Pets Alive and PAWS Atlanta , which were two additional non-profit dog and rescues that partnered with The Puppy Rumble. The game ended with Monte and Doa adorably cuddling the pups on the field while Monte declared the match a draw and named Lulu as the match MVP. The hosts followed up the end of the match by spending some time discussing how to be a responsible dog owner. Overall the entire event was not only a welcomed bit of levity in the Overwatch esports community, but also a very educational event that gave the viewers some really great information on pet ownership and animals rescues. While this entire event may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I definitely enjoyed it and I am looking forward to more special events from the Overwatch team.

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