Overwatch’s Hero 27 REVEALED!

The world could always use more heroes…”

Finally we get to welcome “Hero 27” to the roster by name. Welcome Brigitte Lindholm!

Brigitte, the daughter of Torbjörn and Ingrid Lindholm, and also Reinhardt’s squire, has officially been announced as the highly anticipated hero 27. The official reveal was prefaced by three teasers from the official Overwatch twitter account.

The first teaser on February 24th, gave us a glimpse into a previously classified mission Operation: White Dome. In the mission report for Op: White Dome we got a name we’ve never heard before, Private First Class Emre Sarioglu, as well as the mention of the injury that took Torbjörn’s arm and would have taken his life had Reinhart not intervened. Along with the after action report, the teaser also gave us a letter written by Torbjörn to his wife Ingrid. In this letter we see the mention of an unborn child whom Torbjörn has promised Reinhart he could name as well as appointed Rein as the unborn baby’s Godfather.

On February 26th, two days after the release of the letter and after action report we got our first glimpse of the weapon of choice for Hero 27.

This image had fans not only speculating on the type of weapon this is, but also looking up the word on the schematic to translate them to English. At this point it seemed that for the most part fans were already putting together that Hero 27 could be Brigitte. Still, there were some who hadn’t settled on Brigitte as there was also some talk of the schematic showing a weapon that was reminiscent of the one wielded by The Junker Queen.

Our last teaser was posted by the Overwatch Twitter account on Feb 27th, this image a bit more detail that all but confirmed the new hero would indeed be Brigitte.

With the symbol on the mug and the shield, this image confirms that hero 27 has a relation to both Torbjörn and Reinhardt. We also get a bit of a glimpse of the fabled Jet Pack Cat who was a scraped original Overwatch hero. If you look closely you can see a sketch of Jet Pack Cat peeking out from underneath the schematic for the shield. It’s even circled for us in a ring from the coffee mug.

On February 28th, after much hype and speculation hero 27 was finally revealed and Brigitte Lindholm was confirmed as our new hero.

She was released today on PTR just before 1:00pm PST. I had the chance to play her today but that’s a different story for a different article, though I will say she’s very interesting.

With her reveal we got some in depth details about her abilities. She’s a support class hero with ranged melee attacks and a a very clutch healing ability.

Here’s what Blizzard has to say about her abilities from their official Overwatch site:

Her current abilities have the potential to change the meta that is currently played in Overwatch. With her close quarters combat and stun capabilities it is going to very hard for heroes that are typically played as flankers to be viable against her. She seems like an overall great addition to the hero roster, but I do need to play her a bit more to be more through in my assessment of her in game role.

All in all I am very excited to have a new hero, especially one that will come with some inevitable changes to how the game is played. With Mercy Meta over, could Brigitte lead us into a “support tank” meta? Let me know your thoughts on Brigitte Lindholm and where the addition of her to the hero roster could lead the current meta. Be sure to check out Brigitte’s Origin Story then sound off in the comments below!

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