WonderCon 2018

20180325_143619WonderCon has come and gone, that 3-day weekend flew by. Sometimes I wish cons could be longer, but then I look at my bank account and I am glad they aren’t. Wondercon was a blast this year just like it has been in the previous years. I think some things could have been done differently and I will discuss that later. As for now I will say it was a great time, a great time that was made mostly in part by the con goers and cosplayers.  

As for the con itself, the food truck line was back and was just as good as always. Weapons check seemed to be a tad inconsistent on what they would and would not allow in. I guess it just depended on who checked whether your props met the guidelinesRFID badges were being used and were utilized very well to make it a lot easier to get in and out of the con now. I first noticed the RFID being used at Comikaze in 2016 and it looks like more cons are starting to go that route to monitor traffic. Here’s to hoping there will be more improvements of all kinds in the future at all cons. I say that because I have started to feel that all cons are almost the same now. This is the same Wondercon as it was last year, which also feels the exact same as the cons that take place in Long Beach and Los Angeles. There needs to be something new. Something different than ever before, or something old that went away and needs to comeback for the Con goers. I attended a little con in the fall called Nerdbot Con which was held in Pasadena and while it felt similar to the other cons, it was very different at the same time. It had live bands on one floor and different rooms with different things setup throughout not just vendors and artists. 

I enjoyed the con, but one thing that comes to mind is that WonderCon is put on by Comic Con International, which also puts on San Diego Comic Con, so why not share the wealth. Why not bring some of the highprofile celebs and screenings to WonderCon as well. I feel like it would help make WonderCon more exciting and give attendees more to do at that venue. It would also potentially help with the horrible overcrowding that takes place at SDCC. How about getting Marvel a booth at WonderCon, I haven’t noticed one there in a few years. I mean the biggest comic book movie of all time is getting ready to come out in just one month and there was not one thing promoting Avengers Infinity Wars. Why not? Did CCI even try to get something going, who knowsmaybe they did? Regardless it was a letdown to see absolutely nothing there to promote it.  

Which brings me to issues with promotion. I found it strange how there was little to no social media promotion for WonderCon this year. Their twitter page was without posts for weeks and they even made an announcement on the first day of the con that 3 day badges where sold out through twitter. I am pretty sure those were sold out long before Friday due to knowing people who tried to purchase them but weren’t able to, but I could be wrong. Also there was absolutely no promotion for talent or guests that would be at the con. Not a single post through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Hell, the last post before this month about this year’s con on Instagram was in April of 2017. If you tried to find any promotion for talent on other platforms it led you to their unorganized webpage. You would then have to try and skim through their schedule of events without going cross eyed before finding any panel that you might like to attend or talent that you might like to see. There was close to zero promotion and I do not understand why. Any promotions that I did see from any artists, vendors, or talent was done all on their own social Media platforms.  It seems there may be an opening in the social media advertisement realm for CCI.  

To end on a good note, many people attended and we all had a great time. Countless numbers of cosplayers stormed the fountain to take group pictures and everyone I had a chance to interact with were all very friendly. I do believe that some photographers need to learn manners and proper etiquette, but all in all I had a blast. I made some new friendships and was able to purchase some prints that I have been wanting. Will I go again? Of course, I will go again. After all, even if I end up having a bad time, I can just walk across the street to Disneyland. 


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