The Legion Of Nerds is an all inclusive news resource founded by Penny Lane in 2006. After many incarnations as a Live Journal, Tumblr Blog, and Previous Websites, we’ve landed here at what we’re hoping is our new home.

The Legion Of Nerds aims to be a place for Nerds of all fandoms to come together and read about their favorite things and share information about them with fellow nerds. Wether your thing is coding or cars, cosplay or LARPing, we aim to have something for you here.

We believe the division in the Nerd Community has gotten too big. We need to remember where we came from. The outsiders who were shunned and banded together over their mutual love of things like anime, crafting, cosplay, gaming and more. We need to lift each other up, band together yet again and make this community  strong. Legion Of Nerds aims to bring that inclusiveness back by providing every Nerd a little place on the web to call home. Want to contribute? Head over to our contact page and let us know!

Thank you for visiting our little slice of the interwebz. Welcome To The Legion #OneOfUs