It’s More Family Friendly

I’m not saying that San Diego Comic-Con isn’t family friendly. It’s a wonderful thing to see a family of 4 dressed up as the X-Men, standing in the massive Marvel booth at the Big Show.  But after you’ve run over your 15th person with your stroller crammed full of screaming toddlers on your way to pick up some Dexter swag at the Showtime booth, you have to know this isn’t the best possible option for a family outing. Sure, plenty of families have it worked out. They know where to take the kids and when to take them. They’ve figured out that strollers should never ever try to go through the center of the big media area of the San Diego Convention Center. Thankfully, smaller shows don’t necessarily have that problem. Sure, they might have smaller aisles, but when you run into a traffic jam, you can easily back out of it. In San Diego, if you stand still too long, the crowd closes in behind you and overtakes you before you can do a thing about it. Smaller shows are also less stressful and lower key. There’s no need to rush through the room to make sure you see everything before you leave. Odds are that, even with kids in tow, you will still be able to see everything without too much hassle. And stepping out of the crowd and taking a break doesn’t mean retreating to a safe distance of 8 city blocks. Smaller shows in the right locales often have more space to let you kick back with a juice box or even a quick nap (for you or the kids) before checking out more cool stuff or snapping pics with those cute cosplayers.

Artist Appreciation: Tom Sidoti “TxtremeArt”

I asked site contributor and the man behind our new logo, Tom Sidoti, to give us a little insight into his art process and what got him started. He’s done some incredible artwork and even presented some of his work to some very well known cosplayers! Check out our mini interview and some more of his work below!


My name is Tom and I have been drawing all my life. It wasn’t until 2006 on a deployment with the military that I was first introduced to photoshop and my love for digital art began to grow. From there I became self taught on how to use PS and Illustrator from Adobe to make vectors and images of all kinds. I then learnt about a little company called Wacom and their bamboo tablets and fell in love. I figured from there I could stop drawing on paper and move to my computer screen so I did. I have had 2 different bamboo tablets throughout my digital art life and love them both. I worked alot in photoshop and Illustrator with my computer tablets to recreate some of my favorite cosplay and modeling pics I could find. I also enjoyed working with Manga Studio which has many cool features that the others didn’t. In the past 2 years I have been drawing mainly on my samnsung note tablet and love
that more then drawing on my computer. I use Autodesk Sketchup 10 when drawing on my Samsung. I am always looking for new programs with new features to help along with my digital art.
If you would like to follow my art page it can be found on Instagram @txtreme.art”


The Return of WonderCon

The title says it all. WonderCon has returned to Anaheim, and this cosplayer is super excited. The food truck line is back and better then 2015, everyone gathering around the fountain to show off their cosplay’s and take group photos and the wide open floor layout for all vendors and artist. It was so good to be back in Anaheim for a convention, to be able to Disney bound throughout the weekend was great.
If you were unaware WonderCon had to be held at the LA Convention Center in 2016 due to construction in Anaheim. So all of us who attended WonderCon in 2016 where very familiar with the LA Convention Center due to Comikaze being held there just 5 months prior. For the amount of vendors, artists and cosplay booths that comic conventions have been building up over the years, having WonderCon in LA wasn’t the best place but we couldn’t just not have WonderCon right?
So as I have said before WonderCon is back in Anaheim and after speaking to a few people over the weekend they are just as happy with it as I am. I look forward to WonderCon next year and many more cons to come.

Nostalgic Activities Today’s Kids Will Never Experience

Making Mix Tapes

Kids will never know the satisfaction of putting a cassette in your stereo and waiting for your favorite song to come on, fingers anxiously waiting on the record button. A message to today’s children: mixes weren’t always made by iTunes based on MATH. We had to work for these.

Fixing Cassettes With Your Pen

So you’ve got your mix tape and you invite your friends over. You announce “Check out this new Naughty By Nature song I recorded from Hot 97,” only to press play and hear the worst possible noise. No, I’m not talking about the verse that Vinny raps (that’s some Naughty By Nature humor for you). The sound your stereo makes when it eats your tape. The only way to fix it? A pen and tons of patience